Only the owner of the timeshare interval may post a message to rent. When posting the message please state the contact information. Messages automatically expire in 30 days unless there is a response. Messages posted in the wrong forum will be removed.
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The PLBR Bulletin Board is a service provided by the resort to our members. We understand that there may have been instances where people who are not owners have held themselves out to be owners and have falsely “rented” or “sold” units that they did not own.

PLBR’s Board, Management and employees take no responsibility for the accuracy of information posted in the “Timeshare for rent by owners” or the “Timeshare for sale by owners” forums. The material posted is not checked for accuracy, completeness, nor whether the party posting such actually owns the unit(s) posted for rent or sale or whether such units are actually available for rental (e.g. rented to more than one party for the same unit and the same week). Additionally, any unit rented must be from a member in good standing with respect to such unit and who is current with respect to all amounts due to the Playa Linda Beach Resort (“PLBR”)

Renting or purchasing through these two forums is solely at the risk of the person renting or buying. Should you rent or buy from a person who does not own that unit or where such unit owner is not current with respect to all amount due to PLBR , and arrive at the resort with the intention of using that unit, you will be charged the then applicable daily room rate, if a rental unit is available and for which no assurance can be provided.

By using the bulletin board, you acknowledge the above, and accept that you are renting or buying at your own risk.