LISTING TITLE EXAMPLE: (Week ## - Unit Type - Info)

Only the owner of the timeshare interval may post a message to rent. When posting the message please state the contact information. Messages automatically expire in 30 days unless there is a response. Messages posted in the wrong forum will be removed.
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LISTING TITLE EXAMPLE: (Week ## - Unit Type - Info)

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Please be advised that to keep this board as orderly as possible, we have policies in regards to how you list your units for rent or for sale.

Post Title

The title of your listing should be formatted the following way:
Week ## - Unit Type - Info

eg. Week 13 - 1 Bedroom - Lanai - $999

Info may consist of the following:
- Unit name specification (ie. Penthouse, Royal Lanai, Townhouse, etc.)
- Floor number
- Unit number
- View type (ie. Ocean view, Garden View, etc.)
- Price

The following titles are considered wrong, and risk being removed.
For rent (this lacks all information regarding your property)
week 26 (this lacks the unit type)
week 8 rental available due to other vacation (this information is not unit related)

Post Body

In this section you are welcomed to share as much details as possible regarding the unit you want to sell.

For your own convenience and that of potential buyers that may not have a bulletin board account yet.
Please make sure to always leave contact information in your listing, either:
- email address
- telephone number

This will open the door to many more potential buyers and will get your unit sold or rented out quicker.