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Beware of scammers

Posted: Mon May 24, 2021 2:19 pm
by plbradmin
Dear Owners,

Our Bulletin Board functions as an important resource for communication among members, but in its public format for sales and rentals, it has become a target by scammers. Additional reports of questionable activity have been confirmed, with the most recent ploy in the manipulation of email information, which allows outside individuals to pose as an owner. This technique, in which scammers use forgery of a “from” address, is known as email spoofing.

It is important to take note of the following, so that you may take steps to help guard against this type of scam:

Current scenario
Scammer “Jose Hernandez” is asking victims to Venmo funds for sale/rental

Recommended actions
Include pertinent information in your post, relating that “owner verification” is part of your sale/rental process. Outline how this is accomplished and explain, beforehand, what are your terms in regard to how you handle payment.

Current scenario
Emails are being hacked, allowing scammers to access information about interested buyers/renters

Recommended actions
Change your email passwords often and always use a unique password in order to help keep your email secure.
Also never clink on a suspicious link or email address as that can lead to malware or a virus being automatically downloaded.

Current scenario
Scammers are using similar looking email addresses – changing up a letter or the email provider – in posing as an owner and in reaching out to interested parties

Recommended actions
Prominently note your contact information in your post, and ask interested parties to please double check the email address to ensure that they are communicating with the right party

Current scenario
Scammer claims to be acting on behalf of the owner.

Recommended actions
As the owner, you should always personally handle any exchange of money, and that exchange should only go forward with proof of ownership for the buyer/renter (but insure that proof does not include any private, personal information, and only verifies ownership). Transfers of money should only go to the owner’s own account and not to the account of any other person or family member, as this possibility allows scammers to more easily pose as someone who could appear credible as working in concert with the owner.

Please also note that the Playa Linda Beach Resort Cooperative Association cannot intercede in matters of private sales and rentals, and the resort, itself, cannot act as the administrator in the private rentals process. The Association does offer protections with controls already established through the options of a Resort Resales Department and also through the Playa Linda Rental Pool. Owners who utilize the public pages of the Bulletin Board to sell or rent their units do so at their own risk. Please take all necessary precautions possible to insure you do not fall victim to phishing scams, and that you also do your part in protecting potential Playa Linda owners and renters from falling victim to email spoofing.

Thank you for your kind attention to this matter.

Best regards,
Playa Linda Management