1 Bedroom Bdrm WK Week 49 for sale

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1 Bedroom Bdrm WK Week 49 for sale

Post by palvalencia » Thu Feb 13, 2020 7:07 pm

Hello, we need to sell our 1 bedroom week 49 . We have been renting it for many years for $1500. So think of unit as paid off after 6 years .
If purchased, you can use starting this year 2020 :D

Awesome room on 1st floor (lobby floor Not basement)

NO need to walk all the way down corridor and *** NO NEED to wait for elevator :D

Perfect for those in wheelchairs or with Children !!! . The easiest access in and out to pool, beach, lobby.

Room has Pool & Spa view
asking $9,000

Feel free to email me with any questions


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